Saturday, February 24, 2018

Short Walk (Watertown CT)

   Three days into the next round of treatment for Lyme Disease, self injecting IV ceftriaxone into a tube that starts near my elbow and ends in my Vena Cava just above my heart, I used some really bad judgement and not only drove to the store but also decided to try a little walk. The medication is intended to kill those little snake-like and more drug resistant spirals of bacteria hiding out in my hips and knees and who knows where else (everywhere?), but it also kills all those good bacteria that help humans digest food in your "guts." It sort of felt like someone was constantly punching me in the abdomen and I was hoping the walk would change that.
    Well, it did. About ten minutes later it felt like someone was kicking me constantly in the abdomen. I struggled back up the hill thinking at least it's not raining - and right on cue the raindrops began to fall...

     I did take note of new survey flags, property orange, possibly perc-test white and protected wetland blue, but on the way back I just had to walk along the recently cleared "fence line" at the bulldozer edge of the 2 frontage acres carved flat into the landscape:
A Google image from Aug. 2017:
Yesterday: A very disturbed row of stones, but the suggestion of effigy stones, some with the suggestion of eyes, intenionally placed so the eyes are upward, a small snake-like line of stones on a triangular boulder...

I somehow didn't actually take the shot of the snake-head-like, composed to look snake-like with the triangular boulder in the foreground, with the body-like stone row behind it, but the sensation in my stomach had "kicked in" well before that and I just didn't even notice that I failed to capture it. I didn't even notice the white cobble of quartz in context at the time as I moved in for detail of the head-stone - or wonder if it was also a sort of grinding slick perhaps:
That could possibly be a White Ulun'suti, the "Jewel" found on the head of Horned Serpent known as the Cherokee Uktena - and the second one observed here, incorporated into these rows of stones.

I've got a collection started of "Adding Antlers Behind the  Ulun'suti" here:

What else about the row that suggests an Indigenous origin?
Lots of colorful stones and white quartz too, sometimes in those sort of "concentric circular" placement of stones similar to certain mound-like Ceremonial Stone Landscape features, Manitou Qussukquanash or "Sacred Stones."

Looking North:
Looking South: 
Looking at someone's "camp" hidden in the scrub trees: 

Maybe a Grinding Slick?
Is that the other hand-held stone still sitting beside it?

Wouldn't be the first one observed in the genaral area of what has become the Hamburger Edge of Watertown CT, my old hometown:

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