Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Other End of the Other

And ...
Above: adding snapping turtle eyes. Below: Before adding the snapping turtle eyes. 
I could overlay some turtle eyes on that lighter colored stone,
 but the close up shows there’s no need to: 

The rows no longer connect to the outcrops, the land slopes downward.
  Another zoomorphic stone:

 The slope continues to go downward, gets a little steeper:
Interesting Stone, interesting stacking:
The Row of Stones ends. Down below is the Shepaug River: 
   I took a southeasterly (and upward) route from there – and was at first disappointed at my first sight of this massive set of walls, mostly due to all the assumptions that go into thinking that this is an “Estate Wall,” with capstones even, just as described in your field guide to New England Stone Walls...

But I continued on anyway...

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