Friday, December 09, 2016

Another Case of Suddenly a Serpent

     Once again, while looking for something else, I just happened upon yet another photo of a row of stones that just sort of came into focus as a snake or Great Serpent. 

Above: After a dusting of snow on November 27, 2012, I took this digital image of what looks like a linear row of stones in aerial photos but has some gentle serpentine curves. I probably never would have taken a film image back in the old days of 35mm cameras and I clearly recall thinking that I didn’t understand what I was seeing in this segment row of stones, but wanted to capture how the snow sort of complimented the feel of the row of stones. Below: I was also trying to include a gap in the row of stones that meet another segment of stones that begins with a very effigy-like boulder, a short length of linear row of stones that turns into a zigzag row of stones behind and to the north of the boulder.
Looking for an actual rattlesnake head image to compare:
(and flip around too:)

(And as I wrote this, a friend asked what I saw in a couple photos. This one leaped pout at me:)

Thanks Rob!

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