Monday, January 18, 2016

Trails (5)

     Where was I? I was going to go back to the car, walking along those old and older trails to the new trail, the red battery icon blinking even though I had switched to what I thought was a fully charged second battery I carry. I paused for a few details, possible (probable) smaller effigies inside the larger serpent form:
      Above: one I included before, but also a few more centered in the photos below; something with a sharp beak in the first? – Turtle? (More likely) a Bird? More around it, all placed with suggestions of eyes uppermost on the stone. The one in the following photo seems turtle-like, with an eye and again a beak, but it rests on another and I’m unsure if it’s another turtle or if the long flat stone behind it could represent the body of a snake…

(I look back into that older folder to see if any better images are in there, surprise myself that on this second visit I failed to re-locate this one below in the same segment, a pretty obvious turtle composed of a white quartz carapace with a nuchal notch, along with long slim piece of stone that is perhaps a turtle’s extended neck andhead, perhaps slightly askew of its original position:)
(Above: suspected turtle circled in red – and in yellow, the suggestion of something anthropomorphic that suddenly pops into my awareness just this morning, surprising me – a human face in profile?)

    I pass by that gate again:

 Take a look back up the hill...
...eventually turning eastward when the row ends, and then I’m back on that trail with the blocky remnants, looking down at the new gravel on the Land Trust Trail just above the stream…

   I continued walking along that upper row of stones and came to another sort of gap or gateway with a prominent bright white quartz stone – a large cobble or small boulder, I suppose, depending on that sketchy definition of the two that states a cobble is a one person stone while a boulder requires two people to lift it – but my impression is of a serpent head looking upward at that same angle as that much bigger white boulder where my circular path began that day, while just above it along another course of stones (the uppermost) a similarly shaped stone is placed to resemble the same sort of thing, tilted at about the same angle, looking in the downhill direction:
The larger white quartz boulder once again, so you don’t have to look back at the older post:
The same medium sized red dog for scale as above, there’s a second light colored stone, similarly triangular, and about the same size, looking in the opposite direction at roughly the same (opposite? complementary?) angle – and below you can see a flat dark colored stone, possibly yet another snake-like head… 
Is each course a separate snake?? 
Were they built at the same time? Were they built over a longer period of time, one at a time?
I can answer those quickly: I don't know 
An undulation in the wall farther along:

 Back to the trail and to where I’ve parked my car:


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