Friday, December 11, 2015

wondermyway 2

More interesting photos by Leigh Macmillen Hayes, lifted from her fine blog "wondermyway"
which is just a click away here:
Actually these first three are part of the mystery stones on the backside of Amos Mountain at the Heald and Bradley Ponds Reserve in Lovell," as Leigh puts it in a post from this past July:
I keep staring at the above photo, seeing "familiar" rhomboidal stones and others stacked in a way that reminds me of a few other places where the pattern reminds me of marks in pottery or designs in a Mohegan quillwork bag as well as other stone walls,
like some of these:
I'm trying to place just where I've seen another "niche-like" structural element as shown below:

I don't know if Leigh ever returned to the spot for more photos - or know just what she thinks about it.
There were some comments at the end of the post:
Susan said, “Reminds me of the stone crib work done on the Bradbury Mountain property in Pownal. There it is the remnants of a pen or enclosure for sheep (maybe cattle, but it is quite short). I look forward to the solution from others and you to this mystery!”
Leigh answered, “Well, I’ll take a photo from further away tomorrow. I actually don’t think it’s a pen or sheep enclosure, but it did possibly have something to do with the sheep. Stay tuned.”
    Personally, I am staying "tuned," having subscribed to this fine blog. I'd throw in my own 2 cents worth but the comments are closed for this post, suspecting Indigenous - and probably Abenaki - Stonework and a far older Cultural Landscape that didn't have much to do with sheep...
Below, this may be nearby: 
And this isn't but I just liked the photo and chuckled at how it was labelled:

I tracked down a few more images of the Mystery Walls, from the Face Book page of the Greater Lovel Land Trust, some from a post called "Revisiting the mystery structure behind Amos Mountain and some other fun finds." 
I don't know who to credit for the following - other than recognizing some from Leigh Hayes and in general saying they are taken from: 

(Much taller than I imagined - the Wall, I mean...)

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