Sunday, April 19, 2015

Why It Isn’t What You Read About

In that Stone Wall Book or Anywhere Else
   “Who you gonna believe? All those facts or your own eyes?”

      You might find yourself out walking along a stone wall somewhere in Litchfield CT and suddenly look to see some stones placed so that it resembles some kind of turtle:

(I need to get an image when it is wet with rain or morning dew, stones shining…)
    You might be walking along the Shoreline Trail near Madison CT and, if you are really looking, see something that resembles a certain kind of turtle that was almost hunted to extinction so that you could order up some turtle soup in a restaurant in NYC, a Black Diamondback Terrapin: 
(Manhattan Clam Chowder, with it’s reddish color, was invented as a substitute for Turtle Soup.)
You could be walking some open space property in Woodbury and see this in a zigzag row of stones along a tributary stream of a river still known by its Indian Name:
Or come across this one down on the floodplain in a linear row of stones:

Another nearby, smiling at you it might seem:

Maybe you might be in Watertown CT and notice a possible profile of a turtle swimming in a linear row:

Maybe you were visiting my Mom and walked along a row of stones between her house and the Interstate and thought: “There might be a turtle or two in there:

To find one stone turtle incorporated into a “stone wall” is considered an accidental occurrence.
To find two stone turtles incorporated into a “stone wall” is considered a coincidence.
To find three stone turtles incorporated into a “stone wall” is considered a conspiracy.
I just gave you more than three in a tiny fraction of a quarter million miles of New England “stone walls.”
How many turtles will we find if we look at all the “stone walls” on Turtle Island?


  1. I see these all the time, live in Watertown but play in the woods all over Litchfield county! 2 yrs ago found a chamber, now studying the Hammonassett Line. Would love to speak to you...Are you local to me?

  2. I find these all the time, 2yrs ago found a chamber that's not documented yet. Live in Watertown, play (wander/explore) all of Litchfield County.Studying the Hammonassett Line now...would love to speak with you, are you local to me?

  3. I was born in Watertown CT, in a little log cabin I had to build with my own two hands, actually. My email is on here somewhere...