Sunday, June 22, 2014

Single split stone?

Well, maybe...
Seems the head stone and the carapace very probably might have been split from the same stone, the legs too perhaps, I'll have to go back again and look again.
Next time I will bring a real camera - and the tripod.

Stepping back:

Going back:
I just can't capture color of the stone - or really "pieces of the stone" - just right.
These three kind of accidentally manage to capture the color correctly
while I was purposely trying to I use the dapples of sunlight to show some detail of the elongated head and neck of this probable testudinate effigy:

Enhanced photo, with keys to the north:
Interesting polished-tool-like stone - with mineral "barnacles," you might say:
And above that, a circular sort of placement of stones, on the "wall" - that just happens to be the body, just behind the head-stone, of the Stone Serpent Effigy where I just happened to notice these details in the artistically stacked stones that extend northward for hundreds of feet:

Was I tempted to pick up that carapace stone to look at the underside, or see if the breaks in the stone line up, showing that the turtle is made from a single stone?
Yes, I was.
Did I "disturb the prayer" by doing so?
No, I didn't...
(Cell phone photo from 9/13/14)

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