Monday, March 17, 2014

Something that caught my eye in N. Madison CT

Looking West, Rte. 79 N, Just South of County Road, N. Madison CT:
Have a look for your self here:

Above: it's hard to see in this bad photo, but it was really the big segment of a row of stones that caused me to turn around and take a closer look, almost seen better here below:

Back up to the roadside boulder(s) and technically it is a split boulder with a single stone wedged in there, some small roughly fist sized stone (with a couple eye-like features, maybe chipped in - or not):
There's some multiple rows in a short distance here I found as I rounded the boulder:
Some "face-like" positioning, I think:
A blurry possible Turtle:
(I kept thinking, "There's something wrong with these reading glasses.")
A small standing stone:
Another split boulder, this one filled with many smaller stones
- should I have counted them?
The less scientific description is "There was a bunch of them."

Purplish Quartz, old greenish glass, maybe an abrader stone, and some possible turtles:
The in-focus detail of the 3rd photo panorama - note the boulder between 1 & 2 O'Clock:
Something was going on at the east (and lower) end:
And in the "wall" above it:

On top o'that:
Widened out a blurry ends added:
The other side (looking "blurrily" east):
(On the left, my car is visible on the roadside, the "window" to the right, by that forked sapling:)
Looking south, another row of stones and another boulder:
(And to my right and west, maybe a foundation worked into the older Stonework?
A rectangular enclosure of some sort, anyway:
(Had to get the possible turtle in there on the way to the boulder:) 

Looking east, merging two photos:
Looking North:
(And I turned back toward the bit of row behind me to the east, toward the road to capture these:)
(This one especially caught my eye - possibly a mountain lion/catamount/"painter"?)

Interesting stones, maybe a turtle profile, maybe more?
Big regret this is blurry:
But that looks like a single stone head and turtle shell:

Something mysterious going on here:

Another view, NW, of the "window" section:
I moved (north) toward this part of the row circled in yellow, across the wood road (on this side of the yellow No Tresspassing signs), toward another boulder with something of a ring of stones around it:
(Yellow circled:)
(In the Red circle:)

Looking South, State Highway, and wood road junction:
Looking east over the Durham Road:

Some details will show in a future post, soon come...

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