Monday, April 08, 2013

Megalithic similarities of Northern America and Northern Europe

Or: Мегалитические сооружения Северной Америки

Similarity megaliths, types, principles, systems of construction, accompanying designs
At the left - America (northeast  USA and Canada), on the right - northern Europe (Scandinavia and north Russia areas: Karelia, Lapland, Ural)
Similar megalithic consrtuction and structures are available on all northern hemisphere of the Earth.
 Base types of construction:
dolmen (tripod rock), perched boulders, rock-on-rock, twins-stones, split-wedged rock, cairn (platform, round), aligned boulder (small rock wall), stones boats (ships), stone piles, prayer seat, balanced rock, nishe, chamber... 
Landscape features:
stones and systems on rocks 
Systems of construction from boulders:
line, triangle, circle

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