Wednesday, April 11, 2012

X head single stone turtles

How did that archeologist smarty pants put it?
Find one stone bunny on Easter Island and it is nothing remarkable, but find a line of a bunch of stone bunnies all facing the same way on Easter Island and you’ve got something interesting.
I may have remembered that incorrectly, but that basically is some sort of definition of the method of Archeology.

In my yard, in an old chicken yard, next to a falling down chicken coop, there are several stone mounds, linked to by some stone rows – or what is left of them after 350 years of disturbance.

There are all kinds of testudinate shapes in these heaps of stones, some composed of parts - shells and heads and legs - but also some that are possibly single stones, also looking more like turtles than anything else I can think of.

These possible turtles seem to have been chipped away to reveal the (sometimes) crystal chunk of some type of rock or other that seems to be the turtle’s head, a motif or style that, now that I'm looking for, I seem to be finding in many places other than this (such as here: ).

More in the same group of stone heaps:

This one still has the fragments of the whole broken cobble nearby:

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