Tuesday, January 10, 2012

the crow brought them corn

" As for the crow, he says, "These birds, although they do the corn some hurt, yet scarce will one native amongst an hundred kill them, because they have a tradition, that the crow brought them at first an Indian grain of corn in one ear, and an Indian or French bean in another, from the great God Cawtantowwit's field in the southwest, from whence they hold came all their corn and beans."
~ Roger Williams

"This rocky hill (Nashoba) is a strange and inspiring landscape indeed...Traces of the old village remain: acres of corn planting mounds (above), three worked-stone springs, a hollowed and smoothed rock surface, and artifacts unearthed on the western slopes. I’ve been told by a retired Professor that the fire-blackened rock faces are the marks of Indian fires..."  ~ Daniel V. Boudillion

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