Friday, October 07, 2011

DECLASSIFIED: Uncle Sam; We Did It His Way

A Rap Up
By George Shrub, Rapping CIA Agent

(Print this out. Laminate it. Get a beat box, human or otherwise.
Rap in the shower. No one gets hurt.)

In the beginning, Columbus discovered America
There were Indians there
They came over from India
To throw a party for the fair-skinned Chris
I wouldn't dis ya

Chris worked for Spain, I think it's plain
Spreadin free enterprise
Which at that time was controlled by Big GovaMint
Instead of contrariwise
Like today, but as I was sayin

The colonies were conceived in liberty
They liberated a new continent
From the Indians, who under-exploited it
And besides, they were behind in the rent...

But when it came to the Indians, Mr. Jefferson said
No more land should be taken from them
So when he needed Louisiana he was careful
To buy it from the French...


    (Morris County, New Jersey, c.1900 BC)

    Dr. R.M. de Jonge ©,

    The Tripod Rock site at Montville Township, New Jersey, consists of a man-made dolmen with a huge capstone, two big Marker Stones indicating Sunset at midsummer day, and a menhir (upright stone). It clearly is a site constructed by the megalith buil-ders of Europe when America was a colony of Egypt (2500-1200 BC). The monu-ment tells the story of the Egyptian discovery of America during the Fourth and Fifth Dynasties of the Old Kingdom. The site is dated to the Twelfth Dynasty, c.1900 BC.

    De Jonge, R.M., Website:

  2. I'm sure many people will agree that it "Rocks like an Egyptian." Has anyone photographed any Orbs there?