Friday, May 27, 2011

Zig Zag Row by the Stream

A segment of zigzag stone row running east/west along a segment of a stream. The origin of this stone row, according to the current stone wall mythology, is that it is a remnant of a long ago rotted wooden snakerail fence. The stones that remain in that zigzag shape were tossed haphazardly up against the rails.

This video starts at the western end of the stone row, at another stone row that begins with a large end stone at it's northern end and, although it begins as a linear stone row, it eventually turns into a low zigzag stone row. The featured zigzag segment is sometimes made of boulders, not only at the "points" of the ten foot segments of each "zig" or "zag" (I still can't tell one from the other), but sometimes include more than one boulder, and a few features that suggest a sort of "petroform" turtle, as well as a boulder on a boulder with a "beak," not unlike a turtle's...
The stone row meets another North/South sometimes zigzag stone row - just beyond the beginning of a beaver dam

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