Thursday, May 20, 2010

CT Archaeology Center

What can I do to protect archaeological resources located on my property?

Good stewardship begins with responsible actions. Native American sites can be very old, very fragile, and offer significant insights about the distant past. If you discover Native American artifacts, contact the Office of State Archaeology for appropriate guidance.

If you occasionally find broken bits of early ceramics or other colonial artifacts while gardening or landscaping, develop a system for recording or cataloging where these discoveries occurred. Draw a map of your property and describe where and how each find was discovered. This information will help future property owners, historians and archaeologists better understand the property's changing history and use through time. However, if you discover a buried foundation or a dense concentration of historic artifacts on your property, seek the professional assistance of the Office of State Archaeology.

Where can I donate my collection of artifacts?

The Museum of Natural History/Connecticut Archaeology Center is the official state repository for archaeological artifacts from Connecticut, and we are always interested in pre-historic and historic materials that will increase understanding of the past. If you have materials you think might benefit this effort, and are looking for a safe, pemanent home for them, please contact our Collection Manager, Cheri Collins, and we will be pleased to consider them.
CT Archaeology Center


  1. Thanks for the post, Tim. What a find!

    If you haven't yet, you might peruse the works of contemporaries such as Zecharia Sitchin (Annunaki/10th planet), David Icke (Reptilian "master" race), Barbara Marciniak (Pleiadian channeling), Robert Morning Sky (hidden history), Michael Tsarion (secret societies), Jordan Maxwell (civilization and human power structures) and David Wlicock (paradigm shifts), just to name a few, which offer insights on the significance of the serpent motif in various cultures, particularly ancient ones. Sometimes conflicting but largely corroborating, suspend judgement and disbelief as you consider that your (and their) musings are conducted by a brain which, at its center, and in its primal state, is that of a reptile.

  2. Cool axe. Did you find that??!!!??

    I never found one but have one from my wife's family.

  3. No I didn't; just lifted the image...