Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Two Turtles Again

The white quartz headed Turtle
Is perhaps the Mother Earth itself,
Her age, her purity and power,
Is reflected in the choice of stone.

The World was created upon her back,
With Beaver’s help, of course,
Beaver’s scratches creating the design
Upon the 13 plates, the 13 moons,
On the Grandmother Turtle’s back.

The tree of life that grew
On the mud Beaver brought up on his tail
Is where the First People came from,
Root and Branch, Man and Woman,
The First Clan, the Turtle Clan,
To Whom All Are Related…

The male Turtle,
The one with a stone chosen to show
His neck extended, to bite,
Perhaps to leave a scar,
Shown by the flat plate-like stone,
Shall forever climb upon the back
Of the Great Mother
To make the world over once again,
In the Spring when the Earth
Puts forth the First Flowers.

By the Mother’s head
Is another stone
Where People perhaps placed
A shell to burn their tobacco,
And offer their prayers to
The Great Turtle and Life
Longevity, Fertility,
And all the rest the Great Turtle
Calls us to be mindful of…

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