Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We often watch thunderstorms from the porch on the south side of the house.
One blew in from the south east yesterday and I stepped out onto the porch to marvel at it.
About two seconds later, I saw a wall of wind, rain and hail sweep across the field. It came at me sideways, and it hurt, so I stepped back inside and tried to close the door because suddenly it was raining in my living room. The wind knocked me backwards.
"Hokey Smokes!" I'll pretend to have said, but really I used language I learned from George Carlin. The power went out and I checked on my buildings, even looked at the neighbor's house since they had had a recent direct hit by a big tree.

On the way next door I snapped some zigzag row pictures you'll find above, and that white is the hail...

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