Thursday, May 15, 2008

ATV Riders: Beware all around Nonnewaug Falls

Armed with cell phones and cameras, the area around Nonnewaug Falls will be guarded against ATV intrusions by the concerned citizens who live in the area. People from three different towns will be watching for you and will call the police. Property owners all around the area have been notified, either by mail or in person.
Nonnewaug Falls, the power lines, all the old trails and entrances will be monitored by a large number of people.
It is no longer safe to ride ATVs in this corner of Woodbury, Bethlehem, and Watertown without risk of fines, arrest, and confiscation of your motorized vehicle - ATV, dirt bike, or four wheel vehicles. Three vehicles have been confiscated so far, and if you decide to risk it, you may lose yours...

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