Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just One Picture

There was lots of rain this year, so the river ran high by what I think is the Stone Fish Weir. I found it hard to even go across the field to look at this structure that gave it's place-name to the area.
I hoped to get the Weir on the National Register, get it recognized, maybe preserve it, ever since 1997 when I realized what it was, this diagonal line of stones that's been here for who knows how long.
I've got tons of photographs that do little more than document its slow dissappearance due to the natural forces of erosion.
I went over the other day, July 29, 2006.
I took one photo and my camera batteries died.
It's the most upstream end of the Weir, where the river is eroding the east bank, a spot most likely to contain artifacts...

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